The house of music called Suso Kunda is where The Gambian Folk Project saw the light of day. The two Suso brothers Yusupha and Ansumana had a visit from the cold north one day when Troels Buur Jensen and Benjamin M. Kirketerp, two Danish musicians, came to Suso Kunda to learn the traditional west african music.

In the first couple of days they only played traditional instruments to learn the language of the gambian music. Since Troels was a guitarist and Benjamin was a bassist, they one day asked if they could borrow an electric guitar and bass. Yusupha and Ansumana asked their friends around town to accommodate their wish and the next day they returned with the requested instruments. Troels and Benjamin connected the instruments to an amplifier and started to play. Yusupha and Ansumana jumped out from their houses with a surprised look on their faces. They brought a balafon and a kora and before they knew it they were playing along.

Once the four of them started playing together, they felt an instant musical connection, and they all had a big smile on their faces. The people of Suso Kunda heard the music and they were astonished. All of a sudden the girls were dancing and clapping along to the music. And from that moment on The Gambian Folk Project was born. Time passed, and a quartet became a quintet. Martin Maretti Andersen made his entrance in the band, and his drumming took the band to new heights.


The Gambian Folk Project is one of the premier carriers of the traditional west african music and especially the Griot tradition of The Gambia. By merging this music with the three Danish band members’ musical heritage the Gambian Folk Project have created their own unique voice. Through several visits in both The Gambia and Denmark their mutual respect and understanding of the two cultures have united the band both personally and musically.

The traditional musical culture of The Gambia was not only intended for concerts. It had its place and purpose at ceremonies of different kind and therefore was enjoyed and witnessed by all levels of society. The Gambian Folk Project are carrying that tradition and they are not only playing festivals and venues but also school concerts, nursery homes etc.

In 2018 the band recorded their first album during their visit to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. The album came out in early 2019 and is named Jaliyaa Bungo. This title originates from the suso brothers’ childhood home called Jaliya Bungo which means the house of music.


Our debut album
Released 25th of January, 2019

Jaliyaa Bungo

  1. Jarabi
  2. Saalia
  3. I’m Smiling To You
  4. Miniyamba
  5. Jula Jekerreh
  6. Ma Sanneh Ceesay
  7. Allahlaake
  8. Tjæreborg
  9. Tengkulo
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The Gambian Folk Project

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